How I’m Doing

By Stephen Kingsley

How I’m Doing

At the age of 14, the first time Stephen was allowed to use the family car, he caused an accident that contributed to the death of an elderly man. Years of shame and self-loathing followed. Had he stayed on this path of misery, he was headed for a life of untold sorrow. But then, at age 19, he realized the help he needed was already in his heart. In an instant, years and guilt and shame vanished and a new man began a new life, one based upon a rock-solid foundation of eternal love. Stephen bares his soul in these pages hoping to help others realize the power and privilege of simple God-given faith.

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  1. Jay Richards says:

    WOW what a read! I had to read it all in one sitting. Your personal story was amazing. the simple truths are impactive. The most memorable paragraph for me was “Everything is about One Thing” That sums it up for me. I seriously am touched by your story and impressed by the presentation. You have answered the question succinctly and with Power You are truly doing Great! Gravatar.

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